Energy Management Solution

Contribution to Profitability
Energy Management Consultancy – Techfour Solutions is the leading energy management services provider firm, often known as energy efficiency consultants, play a valuable role in the power management services market. We have also been at the forefront of championing progressive energy management solution such as energy efficiency management and clean energy. As the best energy consulting firms in the energy sector, we provide strategic advice on a range of topics that go far beyond trying to get the cost-effective supply contract.

Energy Efficiency Management Audit

A step by step process

Our team of specialists take assignments, understand the 'as is’ process along with actual and desired energy consumption levels benchmarking the industrial standards with economical & viable solutions. We undertake projects on high rise buildings, chemical, pharmaceutical, retail set up, textile and the industries typically which are energy intensive in nature.
Walk - Through Audit Diagnosis of Hot spots And Potential

ROI less than 7 days

Energy Scheme Designing Services & ROI calculations

ROI less than 1 year

Schemes Implementation Services

ROI less than 1 year

Extend our relationship with customer as an Energy Specialist.
Recommend alternate sources of energy & feasible design with cost benefit analysis.
  • Reasonably priced.
  • Good Quality & Unbiased Energy Audit reports.
  • Drawing complete energy conservation plan with base line for an organisation.
  • Establishing the team to focus on energy conservation on day to day basis.
  • Draws training plan on energy for the technical team of customer.
  • Exclusively customer focus, by applying the standard norms of industry.
  • Immediate identification of areas of improvement.
  • Helps in prioritising the areas of focus towards energy conservation.
  • Helps to evaluate the suitable technology which can be applied.
  • Sharing of certain new technology as a focus and possible implementation.